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July 25th, 2014


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Hamburg 4

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If you wish to see it, the link is to a pic of Peter's van and one of what I think it might look like inside. The 'bed' may just be seat cushions on the floor, but I'm hoping it is more like the photo.
Carl said it was like "A hotel room on wheels" and I thought that sounded a tad better than dossing down on the floor on seat cushions...but if you wish me to I'll be happy to edit and rewrite it that way.

Peter's POV my head only.

Chapter 14

"Caaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrl" I screamed, as my orgasm tore through my soul...

God, it went on forever - wave after wave ripped through me and crashed into him.
If this carried on I'd go blind... but still, if Carl's gently quivering back was my last view of the world, I'd think it a fair bargain.

I flopped forwards - finally spent - onto that back, my cheek resting on his sweat sodden hair as I wrapped my arms around his chest.
I breathed him deeply in...

He toppled over.
We landed with an almighty thud on our sides still wrapped together...and burst out into paroxysms of laughter. Our whole bodies quaked with it as we clutched one another, spluttering uncontrollably until our eyes watered.

It went on even longer than the orgasm - and that was really saying something.
"Ooooh, my sides hurt..." he gasped.
"Is that a euphemism?" I asked innocently.
...And off we went again....
...Although...p'raps in half hour...but I really did need a cigarette.

I reached up behind me and groped around on the table, fingers finally alighting on the pack. Miraculously, the lighter was sitting on top, from my earlier endeavours to be hosterly.

T'was with a sigh of bliss that I lit up and inhaled that first wondrous lungful...relief...I reached over Carl's shoulder and placed it between his lips.
"Thank you, Bilo"
"For the sex?"
His shoulders started shaking as he let out a spluttery snort of laughter.
"You great pillock"
His elbow jerked backwards, landing me one in the ribs.
"Oof! What was that for?!"
"Oh, I don't recall that part"
"I'm gonna kill you in a minute,"
"Don't you want more sex first?"

oops...that did it. Up he shot, wrestled me to my back and straddled me. There he sat like Lord of the Manor, his cigarette was still clamped between his lips.

"I win" he grinned
"Huh, I don't think much of your prize...."
"Oh, I dunno" he smirked "...Seen worse"
"How rude!" I stared up at him pitifully with a pouty tragic expression, but he just ruffled my hair and chuckled, shaking his head ruefully.
"What am I gonna do with you?" he sighed.
"Well...I could think of..."
His lips crushed down on mine.
To shut me up, I think.


It was getting a more than a tad uncomfortable wedged in as we were - lying on our sides on the floor - and I really needed the loo. I figured might be a good idea to get us to bed if I was getting up anyway.
I struggled manfully to my feet and held out my hand to Biggles, who looked a mite puzzled, but grabbed it anyway.
I hoisted him up, then swooped down swiftly and picked him up as if I were about to carry him over a threshold.
I grinned, took a deep breath, hoisted him up a bit and tossed him into the sleeping alcove below the roof through the tiny gingham curtains.
I hadn't pointed it out to him earlier, so his first viewing of his boudoir for the night came as he rolled to a stop on the mattress.
Mmmm...he looked delectable.... like the handsome hero in a bodice-ripper.

"....Count Carlos lay sprawled upon crisp white sheets, his raven locks tumbled on the snowy pillows....."

"I love it!"
He beamed at me as I clambered in; his face all lit up, eyes aglow.
I reached out and brushed a tendril of that wonderful hair away...tucked it behind his ear.
"...and I love you," I breathed, as I brought my lips down on his.


July 23rd, 2014


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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Hamburg 2

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Right, here we go, not necessarily where we left but still on the roll. Don't know them, don't own them. For entertainment purposes only.
Carl's POV

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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

July 22nd, 2014


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So, this is based on the stuff they have said in the NME, those of you who read it will recognize, but also since this is is not all accurate. Obviously :)
Don't own them, don't know them. For entertainment purposes only.
Peter's POV
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Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments - they meant the world to me. I'm so sorry it's late, I had to go out & didn't start writing until this evening.

Peter's POV
Not really :)

Chapter 11

"PETERRR!" he roared, a screaming growl of sound that shattered the night.

His orgasm ripped through his body. It was a ruthless master; wave after wave of violent shudders tore through him and dashed him into my arms, where he lay replete... Soft tremors made his limbs twitch slightly as his breaths slowly subsided to a less brutal pace.
He lay there, huffing gently, his heavy, satiated body floppy as a rag doll.

Had I ever loved anyone - anything - more than my post-coital Carlos?
I doubted that. For how would it be possible to contain more joy than this inside your body? How could one heart bear that..?

...How could one person be all you'd ever want or need in the whole goddamned world?...


My right arm lay heavily across his waist, my left cupped about his head, it's fingers lost amid the tangles of his hair.
Carl's arms just sort of hung there, limply. I wondered if any part of him would move - at all - this week.
It didn't seem very likely at the mo...ooh...the things I could do - had done - to him when he was glutted like this. I chuckled softly and his head lifted a tad, his eyes hunting for, finding, mine. His mouth twitched bashfully, then he let his head drop back onto my chest with a thud.
Well, at least I knew he was still alive.

I really needed a smoke.
"Um... Carl?"
"Can you shift over a bit so's I can get my cigs?"
I lifted his dangling right wrist aloft and sort of shuffled over to the left. He grunted as he rolled onto his side and I heaved myself up and started to forage around for them.
Gawd, the van looked like the drug squad had been round...
Typical - I'd tidied up for the first time since I bought the bloomin thing and now look at the state of it. At that thought my face broke into a grin so wide it hurt my cheeks.
The other pair were in a surprisingly chipper condition - All things considered.

I found them - eventually - and decided that a spot of hostly hospitality was in order.
So I put the kettle on, got the cups...teabag...sugar...I felt absolutely invigorated - bouyant - I wanted to fling open the door of the van, dash out into the dawn and swing around the kindly lampost that bathed the interior of the van in it's amber light...Or whizz around the carpark on m'skateboard...That'd be great...ah, the feeling of the breeze on my face as I zoomed along...T'would be was so hot in here.

At that thought I remembered that I was supposed to be making a Carl a cuppa and getting an ashtray. I glanced over at him. He looked delectable, his edible bum winking cheekily as he'd flopped back onto his stomach when I got up. He was splayed out, the side of his face mashed onto the floor of the van with..what was that?...the remnants of my t-shirt as a pillow.

"Pete..." Aha! He speaks!
"Yes Carlos?"
"Can you open the window a bit, I'm sweltering over here."
"'s open already." I glanced around, searching for somewhere to hide.
In a flash he was sitting bolt upright, eyes swallowing his face.
"WHaaT?!" His mouth forgot to close after he spluttered that, he looked very cute, in a rumpled, incensed, sort of way.
Although - on the whole - methinks I preferred him comatose.
Oooh dear, I was in for it now...
I quickly supressed the thrill that particular thought gave rise to...and t'was not the only thing that reared it's ugly head either.
Oh Fuck - I grabbed at the tea cloth and made busy wiping my dry hands, but he was too busy gaping at the side window. The one that I'd forgotten to fix so it'd shut properly...
Thankfully, he seemed to be quite lost for words.
That was probably a good thing....Although it might be a bit fun too... He did look very sexy in the middle of a rant.

"I've made you some tea," I said in my best cheery voice.
"Yes Carlos,"
"Did you open it when you got up?"
The hope in his voice was very beguiling, though un-fortunat-ely soon to be dashed.
"It's a bit jammed."
"A bit jammed!!?"
"Well...ok...a lot"
"I wasn't talking semantics, Peter, and you know I wasn't."
Bugger, it wasn't going well...
Perhaps he'd feel better after a cuppa and a smoke...Ever the optimist, Bilo. I took the tray over, laid it gently on the floor next to the seat cushion and sat down on it.
"I'm sorry..." I said softly. I bowed my head and looked up at him from under my lashes. "I'd forgotten 'til you asked me to open it."
He groaned loudly and let his head fall forward between his bent legs, his hair hanging down and completely obscuring his face.
"Fuck." he mumbled.
"Already?" I asked, innocence dripping like honey from my lips. "...Don't you want your tea first..?"
He launched himself at me with a very rude word and I found myself flat on my back with an enraged Carlos sat atop me, his thighs pinning my arms to the ground.

I quite liked cold tea...


July 21st, 2014


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Ok lovelies, since our wonderful Mimi started Barcelona, my fingers got itchy (haha) and I want to give a go too.
So...give me some ideas, wishes, settings, photos? And I will pick something up and try to scramble it into something decent enough to share :)
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