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Bang Bang You're Dad
bilo4biggles wrote in albion_fic
Title: Bang Bang You're Dad
Pairing: Pete/Carl
Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff Pearl fluff did I mention fluff
Beta: none
Rating: G
Notes: I simply wrote this so I could use that stupid pun title xD and it turned out sickeningly sweet like candy floss

Carl lay on his back, arms behind his head, looking at the ceiling and feeling utterly at ease. He let his thoughts drift from one topic to the other while listening to the ticking of the clock and Peter occasionally turning over the pages of the book he was currently reading. Carl turned his head to look at his boyfriend, leaning against the headboard and looking totally absorbed by what he was doing. When Bilo read a book, he wasn’t just looking at letters and words once, then moving on and finishing it in one go – he delved into it. His pencil was always right beside him in case he needed to take notes or underline an important line. Sometimes his eyes widened when he read something particularly inspiring or his fingers clutched the sides of the book when he was so enthralled he didn’t even realized until they ached. It was so utterly charming, Carl often silently watched him and smiled to himself when Pete took his bottom lip between his teeth in concentration. Like he did now. He really looked adorable. He could be so enthusiastic, so childlike. And yet…he did have a knack for socializing, for communicating with people and for comforting them whereas Carl was less chaotic and tended to have sensible thoughts. Well, more often than Peter anyway. At the beginning of their relationship he would have deemed the thought now beginning to form in his head as absurd. But he couldn’t shake it off.



Carl didn’t say anything for a bit, thinking about how he should begin. Then he decided to just take the plunge as it would guarantee him Pete’s unbridled attention.

“Do you want to have children?”

The question had the desired effect as Peter dropped his book on the covers and morphed his face into nothing but two round eyes like only he could.

“Where does that come from?”, he asked.

“I mean we talked about it, I know you’re not ready and I would never rush you into anything you know, you do know that, right? And I love you no matter what, you are more than enough and I wouldn’t want you to feel like you don’t make me happy because you do-“

“Peter, you’re babbling”, Carl said, smiling at his boyfriend’s upset face.

“You know, it’s just…I just thought about the here and now and I thought…I think I’m really happy, that I feel settled down and it just made me think about us, that it’s us that makes me feel that way.”

Carl looked up to see tears in Peter’s eyes. Shit, he really got quite emotional in moments like this. Not at big surprise birthday parties, or music awards or even kittens – no, here in their bedroom he let himself cry out of happiness. It made Carl’s heart skip a beat.

“I make you happy?”, he whispered.

Crawling closer and giving him a kiss on the forehead, Carl murmured “I do” for no “of course” would have the same effect. It would make Peter’s insecurity only worse; not only would he doubt being good enough for Carl but also get the impression this feeling was stupid and weird – which it was but that whole topic was complicated.

“And what does that have to do with children?”, Pete’s soft voice interrupted Carl’s thoughts.

“Well I thought…I don’t know, that it would be something nice to share. A child I mean. Something we would do together. Raising a child is not a hobby I know”, he chuckled embarrassed.

“But we would be in it together, sharing all those memories with our little kid and silently rolling our eyes at its newest obsession and telling dad jokes and all that stupid stuff.” Carl scratched behind his ear and looked up to see Peter’s eyes practically glow.

“Oh Carlos”, he breathed and lunged forward to hug him tight. Carl couldn’t help but chuckle lightly.

“You know I’ve been thinking about that for so long, holding a tiny you in my arms” he all but cooed.

“A tiny me?” Carl asked amused.

“Of course! Looking at my child and seeing you, the love of my life. Your blue eyes, that gorgeous hair and those kissable lips, whether a boy or a girl, it’s going to be so desirable.”

“Ew Peter, that sounds as if you wanted to screw our unborn child!”

“No!”, Peter squeaked, jumping up, a horrified look on his face. Carl laughed and Peter hit him with a pillow.

“I wouldn’t mind it having your face though”, Carl mused, cupping his soulmate’s chubby cheeks.

“Fifty-fifty?” Peter asked. “Yeah alright.”

“Want to make a baby then?” Peter smiled mischievously.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

And Carl pounced on him.


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