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The Libs still manwhoring
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Real person slash, primarily about The Libertines
we ♥ boys in bands

Albion Authors rec their own fic! C-C-C-Check it out!
Ooooh! Our fic journals!!!

Please read our rules before posting!

There is now an off-LiveJournal archive for all your glorious fic needs. It's here. Read other fic and post your own stuff!

The template for posting fic as follows:

1. Put the title of your fic in the subject line. That will make it easy for people that are looking through the archives to find what they are looking for.

2. Next, before the lj-cut, included the following:

Genre: (angst/fluff/AU/futurefic/pastfic/&&&)
Whether or not the fic has had a beta (if you are looking for a beta, and we suggest you DO, please ask over at albion_beta. There are very helpful people willing to Britpick and generally help make your fic better!).
Notes are optional

To clarify, the teaser should either be a line from the fic or a sentence telling us what the fic is about.

3. Codes for rating fic:
S for sex
X for hardcore sex
D for drugs
K for kinks (and let people know what those kinks are going to be please!)
E If it is general and anyone can read it without worry. Be careful using this, make sure that applies!

If you're writing anything that you think may violate either good taste or LiveJournal's Terms and Conditions, please check with a moderator before posting, or ask on albion_beta for help. You wouldn't want us shut down, now, would you?

If you read a fic, do try and comment! And if you are new to albion_fic, take the time to read the rules. We are a friendly bunch (seriously!!!), come and join the fun! We don't bite unless you beg for it! Don't be shy-y-y and all that.

And! In case you're a little slow, the stories are all made up. We hate to break your heart, but that's the way it goes, innit?
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